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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Trigg County Triple Murder & Fire

It all started with a house fire in Trigg County, Kentucky on October 15, 2008. Little did people know what a horrific event fixing to unfold.

Trigg County, Kentucky is not a place like New York City. It's a spread out wooded county where everybody is pretty friendly. I'm sure when this fire started, many people thought it was just an unfortunate event. Trigg County isn't an area you would expect a murder in.

Neighbors told local news stations that a mother lived in the home with her 3 children. Little information regarding the fire was released at first. 7:55 AM the following day Kentucky State Police said that a total of three people were dead and another person injured in the fire. The victims were 17-year-old Kayla Williams, 14-year-old Kortney Frensley, and 5-year-old Ethan Frensley.

After the autopsies, it was released that three children were murdered. Two were high school students and one was in elementary school. The mother was found with stab wounds by the pool.

On October 18, Kentucky State Police made an arrest in regards to this case. Kevin Dunlap of Hopkinsville, KY was arrested and charged with;

· Capital Murder (3 Counts)

· Capital Kidnapping (4 Counts)

· Rape 1st Degree

· Attempted Murder

· Burglary 1st Degree

· Tampering with Physical Evidence (3 Counts)

This is so devastating. It really breaks my heart. So far, I really haven't heard anymore details, so I can't say if Kevin Dunlap knew the family or what. I've heard that he was the mother's boyfriend or something like that. As I mentioned before though, pretty much all the details are being kept hush-hush.

Regardless of anything, three children are dead and I can only imagine what kind of pain and grief their mother is experiencing right now. Despite not knowing this family, I want to ask for everyone's prayers for them. A tragedy like this is about one of the worst anyone can experience.

I'm so glad that due to the hard work of the Kentucky State Police, they were able to find and apprehend the suspect. If you have any information on this, please leave a comment and share it.